Custom Exhaust Lakewood

Article provided by: Lakewood Muffler and Brake

Custom Exhaust Lakewood
If you’re looking for a muffler shop in the Lakewood, CO area that offers custom exhaust work, consider Lakewood Muffler and Brake. As a family owned and operated business, LMB offers more than 20 years of experience in the industry and is a qualified NAPA AutoCare Center with ASE certified mechanics.
Lakewood Muffler and Brake has built a strong reputation in the local community through demonstrating integrity and offering honest and reliable services to their customers. You’ll find there’s a strong and growing client base in the Lakewood area that is dedicated to having their muffler and brake work performed at LMB.
Lakewood Muffler and Brake offer the following services: custom exhaust, automotive repair, diesel upgrades and car and truck accessories. Custom exhaust is perhaps one of the most popular offerings by the best known muffler shop in Lakewood. 
It’s been said that staying your ground with your factory exhaust package is tantamount to putting chains around your vehicle’s engine. If your motor has potential and you stick with your factory exhaust, you’ll just never realize its full potential. It’s the goal of the car manufacturer to produce a vehicle that is road worthy. If you feel that you want to unlock the engine’s potential, it’s entirely up to you. A custom exhaust will do that for you. Take a look at some of the benefits:
- Customizing the exhaust system for your vehicle is one of the least costly and easiest means of recognizing its power. Hiring an experienced muffler shop that knows how to choose and install the right kit is key in getting the job done right. Lakewood Muffler and Brake has two decades of expertise in installing custom exhaust systems in the Lakewood area. All it takes is a phone call to schedule an appointment and talk to an expert.
- Beefing up your engine will do little to enhance performance unless and until balance is considered so that exhaust and intake meet. Torque and horsepower are only a portion of the equation. Exhaust must also be considered to get the results you’re ultimately looking for. For custom exhaust work, no shop is more capable than Lakewood Muffler and Brake.
- Ask any knowledgeable mechanic and they’ll tell you that HP and torque increase by an estimated 10% with a custom exhaust system that’s done right and specifically chosen for the motor. If that doesn’t sound like much, think again! 
Locals love doing business with Lakewood Muffler and Brake because of the wide range of services that they provide. LMB carries the following products: Flowmaster, Cherry Bomb, Magnaflow, Superchips, aFe, Bully Dog K&N Performance Filters, banks POWER, Edge Products and more.
For custom exhaust work and installation contact Lakewood Muffler and Brake by calling 303-234-9999. Take your vehicle to the local shop where you can get the work done right the first time. You’ll be glad you trusted the experts who have the skill and experience behind them to take care of your vehicle.
Custom Exhaust Lakewood