Sachse car shops

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Sachse car shops

Sachse car shops are plentiful. Choosing the right mechanic for your vehicle is a matter of trustworthiness and capability. Lube Masters Express employees ASE certified mechanics and maintains a drive to keep a rock-solid reputation.

How often do I need to bring my car in for service?

Vehicle maintenance is among the most important factors related to keeping your car on the road. Regular inspections, oil changes, and parts replacements reduce overall stress on your car or truck.

A vehicle is a system. Every part of the system needs to perform optimally to keep you on the road for as long as possible. Different components have different needs. You need oil changes more frequently than spark plug or brake pad replacements.

Do I need an oil change?

Oil picks up dirt. Additionally, oils have optimal temperature ranges. Viscosity and chemical composition are tuned to the weather.

Oil products lubricate engine components. They keep metal parts from coming in direct contact with devastating consequences. Particles trapped between these parts creates as much wear as evaporation.

How frequently should I change my oil?

Under normal driving conditions, oil changes occur every 5000 miles or three months. This keeps your oil clean and tuned to the weather conditions.

If you drive more frequently, you may need an oil change every 3000 miles. Food delivery drivers and Uber drivers may drive thousands of miles per week. Anyone making frequent short trips increases the amount of evaporation as your vehicle does not cool down as much and can operate at a higher temperature.

Your driver’s manual is the best source of information regarding maintenance needs. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, and many other service requirements are usually listed by the manufacturer alongside a recommended mileage.

When do I need brake pads?

Alongside oil changes, brake pads are a major source of maintenance. Pads are made of rubber and avoid metal on metal contact with the drum.

When your car makes noise on braking, it is the result of metal on metal contact. Allowing the problem to persist causes the mechanical part of the brake to fuse to the drum. Our experts use accurate measurements to discover the amount of life left in your pads.

Finding a trustworthy mechanic

Many mechanics recommend unnecessary repairs. Brake pads, spark plugs, and other minor components are the target of profit seekers. Some shops will charge more as well.

Lube Masters Express is built from the ground up to ensure quality and customer service. Our ASE certified professionals understand your car or truck and are free to perform only the maintenance needed.

We guarantee our work. If a repair is performed improperly, we rectify our mistake at no charge to you. Our guarantee, commitment to service, and reputation make us what we are today.

Sachse car shops

Our shops are scattered throughout the greater Dallas area including Sachse. We work hard so you keep driving. Take your vehicle to your nearby Lube Masters Express today for a full inspection.

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Sachse car shops
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