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Saskatoon Auto Body

Precision Auto Body is the only Saskatoon auto body shop to win the Consumer Choice Award in Saskatoon nine years in a row! While many people believe that all collision repair and auto body shops are the same, nothing could be further from the truth! Not all auto body shops are created equally. What are the differences? Well, the differences are myriad. For example, many auto body shops don't employ certified technicians as Precision Auto Body does. A lot of auto body shops cut corners. Many will overcharge and upsell their customers on services that they don't even need. The reason that Precision Auto Body has consistently remained the top choice for Saskatoon consumers is that Precision Auto Body operates on quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity.

Let us look at the top three key differences between a certified auto body shop like Precision Auto Body and some of our competitors. As you will see, Precision is the best choice for Saskatoon auto body service!

Difference #1: We Use the Best Parts

Obviously, the goal of any auto body shop is to restore the vehicle to the state that it was in prior to it being damaged. At Precision Auto Body, our goal is to restore the vehicle to an even better condition than it was in prior to it being damaged. The only way to make our customers' vehicles as safe and as functional as possible is to use the best parts. The best parts come from the original equipment manufacturers. Quality parts equals quality repairs and repairs that will stand the test of time.

Difference #2: We Hire the Best Technicians

Although Saskatoon isn't the biggest town in Canada, we have cars being damaged by a number of causes in our town every day. This includes auto accidents, falling tree limbs, kids at play, and a slew of other natural and man-made causes. This means that our shop sees a consistent stream of vehicles that require auto body service. For this reason, Precision Auto Body has to hire experienced technicians to help. Our team is the face of our business, and the main reason that Precision Auto Body continues to thrive as the best Saskatoon auto body center is that we hire the best technicians to work for us!

The best auto body technicians are individuals who have extensive personal and professional backgrounds working with different collision-related issues. Our technicians know to spot and fix car problems, and we can work on all makes and models.

Difference #3: We Use the Right Tools

A professional is only as good and as efficient as the tools that he or she uses. It's only proper to expect that the best Saskatoon auto body repair shop would use the right tools for every job, and that we do! As the leading certified auto body repair center in Saskatoon, Precision Auto Body has undergone a manufacturer's certification process, and we have the tools required to fix any auto body car problems.

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