Torsion Axle

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Torsion Axle

Get the Finest Torsion Axle for Your Trailer

One of the most critical elements of your trailer is the suspension. The axle system allows you to take your vehicle wherever you want. There are different types and technologies of axles on the market. However, the greatest is the torsion one. You must know what this system is and the top benefits it will bring to your trailer.

What Are Torsion Suspensions?

This type of system does not use shock absorbers. It consists of a square bar with round rubber bars inside them. These rubber bars serve as shock absorbers. The leading application for this type of axle is for trailers where soft damping is desired—for example, for carrying fragile materials, delicate use cargo, or animals.

The most prevalent version of these axles has a full bar that goes from one wheel to another. However, there is another option in which each wheel has a separate suspension. These systems can carry loads between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds, depending on the model. Some technologies allow adjustment of the axle angle to regulate the height of the trailer from the ground.

What Are the Advantages of Torsional Suspension?

In addition to the smooth ride, this is one of the most stable systems ever provided for trailers. This is because the suspension is independent between both sides. Besides, it always maintains a low center of gravity.

They are quick to install, and because of the simplicity of the system, they have little (if any) maintenance. As there are no loose parts, it is a suspension that does not produce noise. Even the most renowned manufacturers have incorporated easily greased systems, which makes this system practically worry-free.

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