Transmission Repair in Henderson NV

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Transmission Repair in Henderson NV

United Transmission Auto Care Center is home to some of the most experienced transmission mechanics in the Las Vegas area, offering transmission maintenance and  transmission repair in Henderson, NV, Las Vegas, NV, and Boulder City, NV. Taking care of your transmission is important because, aside from total engine replacement, transmission repairs are the most expensive car repairs you'll ever run into. Fortunately, a little transmission maintenance can go a long way, but it has to start when the vehicle's new and continue throughout the vehicle's life.

How Long Does it Take for the Average Vehicle to Develop Transmission Problems?

Most new vehicles will run between 100k and 200k miles before the transmission begins to wear. Many vehicles will go beyond that. It all depends on how well you take care of your transmission. Regular transmission flushes and fluid checks are important.

Keep Fresh Transmission Fluid in Your Car at All Times

Most car drivers well-know how to monitor their motor oil, but they often overlook the importance of transmission fluid. With a warm engine (not hot or cold), check the transmission fluid dipstick every couple-thousand miles. Look at the color of the transmission fluid and smell it. If it has a dark color and a burnt smell, it might be time for a flush.

United Transmission Auto Care Center of LV can perform a transmission flush for you, and we can even incorporate an additive that will better protect your transmission against the grinding of metal.

Transmissions Last Longer than Automatic Transmissions

The good news for drivers of transmissions is that they're easier to maintain if the transmission is taken care of throughout the vehicle's life. The reason why a manual transmission is easier to care for than an automatic transmission is that manual transmissions are comprised of simpler parts and gears. On the other hand, automatic transmissions are very complex with lots of moving parts, including hydraulic and electronic systems.

For a transmission flush, you'll probably be looking at spending somewhere between $100-$200. For manual transmission replacement, you're in for $1,500-$3,000. Automatic transmissions commonly run as high as $4,000 for a rebuild.

Where more stick shift drivers run into trouble, as it concerns the transmission, is that manual transmissions can develop problems if the driver does not operate the vehicle properly. For example, mashing gears while shifting.

Get Your Transmission Serviced Today

If you own an older vehicle, and you sense that you are running into some trouble with the transmission, you might find that the cost of repair is as much as or more than the value of your vehicle and therefore wouldn't be worth your while. If you have a newer vehicle, follow your transmission service schedule in the owner's manual.

United Transmission Auto Care Center can perform a transmission flush in less than an hour, but a transmission replacement will take a day or two. If you need a transmission replacement, please have plans for transportation as you will be required to drop off your vehicle. If you just need routine maintenance or want to check the condition of your transmission, you can find affordable transmission repair in Henderson, NV at United Transmission LV Auto Care Center.

Transmission Repair in Henderson NV
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