Truck horn

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Truck horn
Are you looking for a truck horn that will product a satisfying blast instead of a wimpy noise that will not even turn heads? has what you’re looking for. Their truck and train horns produce sounds up to 152 decibels and will definitely get you the attention you seek.
Take a look at the super loud Viking Supreme Train Horn, the one to choose when you demand a powerful air horn sound. This truck horn will give your vehicle a true loud train horn sound and is constructed of all metal, featuring three triple-chrome plated trumpets that will look spectacular on your truck. This kit requires an on-board air system and comes with all required mounting hardware, the base gasket and an HD 12V electric valve solenoid.
Customers love the Hi-powered 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn & Compressor Kit that produces a very loud sound of 149 db. If you’re having trouble getting people to take you seriously on the road, this truck horn will change their minds quickly. You can use the Hi-powered 4 Trumpet horn to replace the one you’re using now or as an auxiliary along with your current horn. This kit comes with a 3-gallon air tank and 12v HD 100% duty-cycle, maintenance-free compressor and includes all mounting hardware and fittings, air tube, solenoid, 240 PSI air gauge, 120/150 PSI air pressure switch and instructions. 
If you want something that is moderately loud but will not blast your eardrums out, consider the 125 decibel Compact Dual Trumpet air truck horn. The Viking Twin Blaster-1 Air Horn can easily fit on a boat, motorcycle, truck van, SUV, ATV or motor home that has a 12v electrical system. Its compact size allows it to be installed on any small space under the hood or even at your existing horn location mount. Best of all, with this horn there is no tubing to hook up because the compressors and trumpets are combined in one compact unit.
The Semi Truck Horn is a customer favorite at and produces a nice, loud semi truck sound at 145 db. Its triple chrome-plated trumpet would look terrific on an emergency vehicle or truck. This kit comes with a front chrome plated metal pedestal to eliminate the vibration issue at high speeds and while driving on rough terrain. The Semi Truck Horn requires an on-board air system and is ruggedly made to provide you with years of dependable service at an exceptional price.
Superior Horns knows its not always easy finding exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to an automotive horn. That’s why their website is designed to make shopping for the perfect truck horn easy and affordable. You’re guaranteed to find premium lines of air horns for your vehicle at
If you require some assistance in determining what product would best meet your need, feel free to contact a truck horn specialist by calling 786-565-9925.
Truck horn
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